Pam’s Dukan FAQ

1. Can I cheat on the Dukan Diet?

Well, technically you can do whatever you want! If you want to reach your goal as fast as you can, then the answer is no. My personal philosophy is that sometimes we need to cheat a bit, and so once a month I’ll plan on cheating, and then keeping it as Dukan friendly a cheat as possible. I found some Chinese food dishes to be a great way to go – just don’t eat too much of the sauces! Regardless of how you choose to cheat, remember that it means that it may take longer to reach your goal.

2. How do I deal with cravings?

Cravings are perfectly natural during the Attack Phase as well as after you cheat. To break the cravings, drink lots of water and eat a little more of your legal foods. Just remember that after a couple of days, they will pass.

3. Can I have beer?

I wish.  That’s what got me here in the first place.

4. Where can I find the Dukan Diet Calculator?

At the official Dukan Diet website. Go ahead and create an account – it’s free.

5. Why am I not losing any weight on the Cruise Phase?

The first thing to check is your food.  Is there anything that might have extra carbohydrates in it?  How about sodium or added salt?  The next thing I would check is how much you’re eating.  If you aren’t going through a period where you’re craving carbs, you naturally don’t need to eat that much.  Try to get into the routine of eating just enough to satisfy, and no more.  The last question is for women – what time of the month is it?  It has been my experience that if your hormones are doing their thing, my weight nearly stalls entirely.  If so, drink more water and wait a few more days for things to settle down.

6.  Can I use cooking spray?

Short answer is no.  But I use it all the time.


7. I don’t see my question here!

Well, I can’t give you all the answers – for a complete understanding of the diet, I really suggest buying the book from Amazon.  You can also contact me, and I might be able to help – no guarantees though.



A Journey to lose weight with the Dukan Diet