Dukan Diet: Day 8 – Began Cruise Phase Today

Today’s report is one of mixed feelings.

I had a terrible weekend, and I’m not sure why.  As I said in Friday’s post, my Dukan Diet Day 5 check in, I was down 6.7 lbs total.

I haven’t had any progress since then when it comes to the scale.  Saturday I was up a startling 3lbs, and then yesterday morning, I was back down to where I was on Friday – 252.2 lbs.  This morning I was up another two pounds.

The reason?  I have no idea.  I have been sticking to this diet pretty much exactly the same as I had been through out the week.  I’m not sure if it’s water retention, but that’s my theory.  I worked my second job over the weekend, and after suffering from a bad back for nearly two months, it was the first time in that long that I’d actually been able work myself at an almost regular pace.  After being on my butt, doing only light exercises for the last couple months, my regular duties were a bit hard on me physically – I was sweating quite a bit, and I’m not quite sure if I got in enough water to account for that.

I’m sure that’s what it was – at least that’s the story I’m sticking to.

But on a better note, today I started the Cruise Phase.  For those of you who don’t know, the Cruise Phase of the Dukan Diet is the major weight loss portion of the program.

The Attack Phase, which my previous posts have been all about, is a short burst of strictly protein to get your body losing weight quickly, and to get you motivated.  If you don’t count my fluctuations over the weekend, I lost a total of 6.7 lbs in 5 days.

The Cruise Phase takes those strict protein-only days, and mixes them up with protein-veggie days.  As I said, it’s the major weight loss phase, and I’ll be on it until I reach my target weight.  The picture I have posted in my Dukan Diet Day 1 post says this will last for 280 days.  I remain skeptical.

What do I think about the Cruise Phase so far?  I was never so happy to eat a vegetable as I was today.  My husband and I were out running errands this afternoon, and we stopped at Subway for lunch.  I ordered the Oven Baked Chicken in salad format, and asked for cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and green peppers on it.  No sauce or dressing.

Sounds bland, doesn’t it?

It was amazing.  Crunchy lettuce.  Sweet green pepper.  Tangy onion.  It was all I wanted.   It was refreshing.  I couldn’t believe how much I actually loved that salad.  Nor could my husband!

Don’t get me wrong – eating all protein isn’t really that difficult.  It just gets a bit boring for 7 days straight.  I’m not a very creative cook.  The best that came out of that week was flavoring my yogurt and milk with banana or coconut flavorings, and I managed to do a half-assed shrimp cocktail too.  Other than that, there’s been a lot of eggs, a lot of cottage cheese, and a touch of fish, chicken and lean red meats.

I see it as being completely feasible to follow the strict protein-only days as they are now only every other day.  And on those days, I can think really hard about what I want to make the next day.  For instance – I’m working on a noodle-free/cheese-free lasagne, and I’ve also been ‘stewing’ on a cabbage roll recipe that won’t involve rice.  I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking a lot about tomato based meals lately…

Also, I picked up some tofu for tomorrow and Thursday’s protein-only days.  I love what you can do with tofu, but I myself have only cooked with it when making miso soup.  Usually I just get my fill when I go out for Japanese.  I’ll let you know how that turns out!

As for dinner tonight, it’s turkey spaghetti, without the noodles of course.

So that’s enough about food for today.

Otherwise, even though my weight has been fluctuating in a way that I’m not thrilled with, I remain optimistic, even more motivated.  I had a really good experience last week with that awesome 6.7 lb drop.  I’m sure that as my water levels out, I’ll be back to seeing results on the scale.

8 days down, 679 days left to go.

4.7 lbs down,  83.6 lbs to Consolidation Phase.

I can do it.

Pam started the Dukan Diet on May 16/2011 and has been steadily working on it ever since.

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