Has it really been almost a month and a half since I last wrote?  Where has the time gone??

Well, as many of you may have suspected, I have let summer get the best of me. I have thrown the Dukan Diet into the wind and enjoyed the fruits of summer. Or, beer and barbeque.

I don’t really have any excuses. I could have stuck to it, I’m sure, but when we went on vacation I found it practically impossible to resist temptation. And after we came back from vacation, I didn’t bother to go back on. Too many things happen in the summer that I didn’t want to plan around. Backyard get-togethers, festivals, camping and of course, a few nights of patio beers.. it’s what summer is all about. Enjoying summer means enjoying the food that comes with it, and I really didn’t feel like denying myself that.

Could I have found some will power and trucked through it?  Probably, but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s given me a bit of a revitalization and satisfaction to live a little. I have to admit, I was starting to get a little grumpy!

But vacation is long over. As autumn draws near, I know it’s time to buckle down and lose a few more pounds.

I know myself well enough to know that this is going to probably take me a few separate stints to lose all the weight, but my determination is there. I stayed on the Dukan Diet for two months before my summer ways got the best of me, and now that September nears, I have nearly 3 months before Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches and I give into temptation once again. I think that gives me the perfect opportunity to lose another 30 lbs.

And when I say I’m going to lose another 30 lbs, I mean on top of the not-quite 5 that I gained while on my little break.

Yes, that’s right – even though I was totally not following the plan at all, I did watch what I ate, and I did eat only protein on Tuesdays, and it helped!  I really didn’t gain anything back. I weighed myself this morning to find that I was 237lbs even, or 4.2 lbs up from when I last reported my weight on July 8th. I’m stunned – today was the first time I’d weighed myself since shortly after my last post, and I imagine most of that weight is water retention due to a very salty weekend.

But just because I haven’t gained much back doesn’t mean that I don’t have a lot more to lose. I still a bit more than 65 lbs to drop, and so I’m making it my mission to lose half of that number before the Christmas season.

Starting on Monday, September 5th, I’ll be rebooting my Dukan Diet for 12 weeks.  I’ll be going back on the Attack Phase for 5 days, and then continue on with the cruise phase until the evening of Friday, December 2nd, which also happens to be the night of  the first of many Christmas parties that we will attend.  I’m only allowing myself one meal a month to go a bit off the wagon. This will be my usual Dukan cheat of certain Chinese foods.  I won’t be able to resist Thanksgiving dinner though – so I’ll make that my meal in October, which is when we celebrate it here in Canada.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post three times a week, but I’ll definitely make sure to track my progress at least twice a week.

And so, that is my commitment for now.

Am I planning a bit too much?  Maybe, but I think a shorter timeline may be a bit easier for me to handle at one time.  I’m not just trying to lose a few pounds. My overall goal is to get down to 170.6 lbs, which still leaves me a lot to lose. The good news is that since I’m already down 20, I’m not starting from scratch!

That’s all I have for today, but do check back starting September 5th! Can’t wait!


Dukan Diet Day 54: The Royal Disappointment

So, my morning began at about 5:30 as it usually does, but as I expected, it was no ordinary morning.  I look out the window, and there are already people lining the streets, picking the best spots they can for the parade, and what turned out to be The Royal Drive-By.

Isn’t that a lovely shot of their car?  Yes, their car.  Surrounded by bike cops.  In the middle of a huge entourage of motorcycle cops, police cruisers and more bike cops. You can click on the image for the full size disappointment – I uploaded the whole thing.

I get security procedures and all. Really, I do.  But really??  They couldn’t even roll down their window! And what kind of security procedures don’t let you roll down a window to wave to the public, but surrounds your car with BIKE COPS??

I’m a little disappointed.  At least I didn’t go down there to fight for a better spot – I have a friend who is down in the crowd. Shortly after they passed through, she posted on Facebook that the level of disappointment in the crowd is just as bad.  I guess they sped by pretty quickly.



Well, all was not lost – I managed to get a news clip of Kate’s reaction to an authentic bull ride last night – as soon as I can figure out how to pull it off my DVR, I’ll post it.

And, just because they are so darned cute, here’s a picture I ripped off from The National Post: (click for more pictures)


I’ve otherwise had a rough morning – I had some errands to do before the roads were closed down at 7:30AM.

Rush hour driving never really brings out my good side, and top that with a bazillion people roaming the streets trying to find the best spot for a parade  – it was not pretty. I almost yelled and honked at a woman in a motorized wheel chair in front of hundreds of parade goers.  I did honk at a Mariachi band representing Mexico Tourism. They must have been used to it – they didn’t even flinch. Yet another reason to add to my list of reasons to not visit Mexico – roaming Mariachi bands that don’t watch where they’re going.

Being an emotional eater, it was soooo tough to be in that mood and have to pass three pancake breakfasts that had taken over various parking lots.  This is a tradition here – Stampede starts, and you could eat every day, all day for free, because a dozen companies are holding breakfasts or barbeques for the general public, free at any given time.  But I resisted, and instead sat on my balcony all morning, glaring at another pancake breakfast that was taking place right across the street.

And my mood hasn’t improved really – I should have gone out of town today.  I quit watching the parade after the fourth marching band to play “Celebrate!” went by.  Can’t really get much work done because all I can hear are the crowds yelling “Yahoo!” over and over again.  And helicopters are taking turns holding position pretty much right above my building.

I should really lighten up.  Stampede usually gets me excited.  I suppose it’s tough, because this will be the first Stampede in years that I won’t be able to indulge myself in a few post-parade pints on some sunny patio somewhere. Instead, this year, I’m going to have hole up for the week, because I think the temptation to indulge in beer and all the bad food that comes along with such events might be a bit too overwhelming.

Well, on the one good note I have this morning, I am down a little – this morning I weighed in at 232.8 lbs.  Not much of a loss, but a loss none-the-less. After only having lost one pound in the last couple weeks, it’s nice to see the scale steadily going down instead of going all over the place.  Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of a plateau.

Have a great weekend!

54 days down, 633 to go

26.1 lbs down, 62.2 to go

I wish carb-free beer existed.

A Journey to lose weight with the Dukan Diet